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Korean Youtuber highly recommends! Cooking is easier and faster — and more fun — when you have the right equipment.

As everyone pays more attention to the quality of home life, in addition to the practicality of choosing daily necessities, the appearance design has become one of the concerns too.

Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen. The kitchen is the most important room in your home because it is the center of your family’s day-to-day living. Your day most likely begins in your kitchen with a cup of coffee or energizing breakfast to start your day.

Therefore, it is important to have suitable functional kitchen appliances. In addition to choosing safe materials, practical performance, size, and weight. We must also consider the appearance, storage, and design in order to keep the kitchen tidy and clean at all times.


We provide pretty kitchen essentials that are not only functional but beautiful and easy storage.

Modori concrete creates a simple, natural, and durable kitchen environment. Less is more is always our first priority, to maintain the essence of the food ingredients, Modori uses safe and non-toxic materials, clean and simple colors, and easy to care for. Different from others, kitchen essentials no longer has to be a heavy and darker color, we choose cream white, beige, light colors base as our main color design. It's not only bringing the food-plating prettier but also keep your kitchen looks good too.

Why light-color?

Light colors add an airy feel and a bright look to kitchen design, creating a safe and pleasant, functional, and contemporary feel. They can create a simple, clean look and are suitable for food-plating.

When cooking, you can see the changes in the ingredients easily, and pay more attention to the food ingredients itself when enjoying the food.💟

Let's check out the hot selling items of Modori!

1. Modori Sodam Cookware Set

#Korea 3 days to sold 1,000 sets #Multi-Use Cookware Set

Some people say that cooking and being in their kitchen is their happy place. Having a kitchen that is warm and inviting will make you want to cook in it more often.

Modori dedicates to providing high performance and premium quality kitchenware products to all homes.

● Three sizes of cookware fit all your needs

-18cm Cooking Pot
Perfect for Ramen, hot soup, and can easily prepare a meal for 1-2 people

-22cm Cooking Pot
Suitable for cooking steamboat, or cook up any large batch of food with a lot of liquid.

-24cm Frying Pan
With its deeper walls and wider cooking surface
Perfect for cooking fried rice or fried steak, spaghetti, and more.

+Multifunctional Handle
Specially designed removable handle, it means you can switch from one pan to another in a single click.

● Stackable storage for more space-saving

"I bought a new beautiful pot, but ..the storage is a big problem..." It must be the first worry for many people after bringing the newly bought cookware home!

Modori cookware set solves all the problems.💛

The pot itself can be stacked without a handle, and it is easy to store in the cabinet. Not only it has become more flexible, but it's saved up space in the kitchen!


● Suitable for gas stoves, induction cookers, ovens, heating plate, and dishwasher.

It's always a challenge to looking for good-looking cookware that suits for induction cookers and IH stoves. Not only multi-use, but Modori can also be used as a baking mold and place into the oven too!Modori have high thermal conductivities comparing with regular cookware.


● 5 ceramic nonstick layers

-Eco-Green Cookware
-5 ceramic nonstick layers

Modori Sodam Cookware Set
A natural ceramic coating that is free of PFOA
Natural ceramic Xtrema™ coating technology

2. Modori Dodam Pot

Looking for Korean casserole that often appears in Korean dramas?

Try Modori's Dodam Pot!

Our Specialized Dodam Pot 

Infinitely useful and giftable, an essential part of any cook's kitchen

We highly recommend you!

Infinitely useful and giftable, an essential part of any cook's kitchen:


Modori Dodam Pot No. 1 (15cm)

Suitable for Baby food, steamed eggs, soups, etc.

Ideal size for small families


Modori Dodam Pot No. 2 (17cm)

It's perfect for preparing family meals or for the person who loves to entertain. Multifunctional and ideal to handle large-capacity.


For All Purpose Food Service

Available in 2 colors

Made from safe, non-toxic materials

An absolute must-have

This all-purpose pot for all kinds of applications!

Why choose Modori Dodam Pot?

The properties of Modori dodam pot and casserole are similar

 Ideal for maintains the food temperature


Made of high purity aluminum

An unbreakable high-quality pot that will last for years

Old style casserole is not suitable to use with an induction cooker. 

But, Modori Dodam pot suitable for a variety of heat sources.

(However, It's NOT microwave-safe)




3.Modori Cutting Board (4-Color Set)

#Sold out 1,000set in 7days in Korea #Safe and healthy

One of the utensils you use every day.

The cutting board is dirtier and holds 200 times more dangerous bacteria than a toilet seat.

The NSF found that 18% of cutting boards contain fecal contamination from E. coli bacteria, which is often found in raw meat. According to the study of Dr. Lisa Ackerley - The Hygiene doctor, the cutting board is 200 times dirtier than the toilet seat.

And in recent years, both wood and plastic cutting boards have proven harder to keep clean than originally thought. Therefore, experts will recommend the need to regularly change the cutting board and separate the cutting board for meat and fresh vegetables.

Because "knife marks on the cutting board + humidity" becomes the best environment for bacteria to reproduce 💯

Modori Cutting Board

Flexible Scratch Resistant Cutting Board 

Made ​​of TPU materials with high-quality flexibility and recovery power.

It does not leave knife marks and scars easily and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

Modori Cutting Board

Easy to sanitize

Because the Modori cutting board is made of TPU, it is possible to sterilize it by putting it in boiling water or simply by pouring boiling water over it. 

Having a beautiful kitchen means investing in your family’s health and happiness. A functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen will draw family and guests into the very heart of your home and envelop them in the warmth of your home.

Cooking is easier and faster — and more fun — when you have the right equipment. 💗



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