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Sodam Cookware Set

Sodam Cookware Set

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※We recommend removing the multifunction-handle while cooking and install back when ready to use.

※Avoid attaching the multifunction-handle on the hot pot/pan for a long period of time.

※In order to prolong the service life of the cookware, please avoid a long time of empty burning.

※Suitable to use on Gas Stove, Induction Cooker, IH Cooker, Black Ceramic Cooker, Oven (NOT exceeding 300°C)

※For best results, always safe utensils (Wooden, heat-resistant silicone, heat-resistant plastic, or nylon spoons, spatulas, shovels, chopsticks, etc )
to portion and serve from your Sodam Cookware.

!!Please take note!!
Non-stick pan/pot does have a service life and will vary according to how it's used and the frequency of usage.
Normally suggest replacing new cookware for every 1-2 years. The functionality of the non-stick coating will decrease as the period of usage increases.


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