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Stainless Cutting Board

Stainless Cutting Board

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Stainless board is made of certified SUS304 stainless steel, light (550g) and suitable for processing meat, seafood, kimchi, citrus, and other strong flavor/ dark color ingredients.

Due to the natural regeneration ability of the chromium oxide film, even when encountering knife marks, the film restores itself instantly, ensuring safety without bacterial infiltration.

1. Stainless cutting board will be wrapped with a layer of plastic wrapping, kindly remove it before use.
2. For initial use, kindly washing away the abrasive residual on the cutting board surface.
3. Kindly use cutting knife with a similar hardness as steel cutting board in food preparation.
4. Kindly use soft dishwashing brush and sponge for cleaning.
5. Due to characteristics of the material, fine scratches may occur during manufacturing process, it is normal and does not consider as a defect.
6. Due to nature of the stainless material, edges of the stainless board are sharper compared to a regular cutting board. Please take note when using.

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