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Sodam Stainless Cookware SET

Sodam Stainless Cookware SET

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Stainless Cookware is designed with stainless steel base but with two premium coatings ( Ceramic & PEEK coating from Greblon Germany) with excellent non-stick performance. With 3-layer construction uniform design that enable to evenly heat up the pot/pan compared to other stainless steel pot/pan.

Suitable to use : Gas Stove, Induction Cooker, Hotplate and Electric Ceramic Stove.ย Avoid using in Microwave or Oven.

1.ย There may be a visible light mark within the ceramic coating of ramen pot and deep pot as is the conjunction area for the side handle, this is not a defect but is the design of the product.
2. Avoid heating up empty pot as may shorten the lifespan of the non-stick coating and may at risk of posing a fire. Recommend cooking with medium-low or medium heat, high heat may cause damage the product (deform) and shorten the lifespan of non-stick coating. High heat can lead to burn staining on the product.
3.ย When stacked to store, recommend placing a protective pad or kitchen paper between cookware to avoid scratches occur.
4.ย When using pot/pan on a gas stove, ensure the heat flame remains under the pot/pan. If the flame gets in contact with the handle may cause deformation or fire. Avoid using handle while cooking.
5.ย Using safe utensils (wooden/heat resistant plastic and silicone shovel, chopsticks, spatulas, spoon, etc) will extend the life of your pot as well protects the coating.
6.ย Though the pot/pan could be used in dishwasher, however, is not recommended as frequent using in dishwasher will shorten the lifespan of the non-stick coating.ย 
7.ย Cooking food with high salt content for a prolonged period may weaken the non-stick properties.
8.ย Please remove the removable handle while cooking and install it back when ready to use.

Kindly take note.ย 
The service life of the non-stick properties of the pot may weaken/shorten per usage. The lifespan of the non-stick coating may vary according to how it has been used and the frequency of usage. Recommend replacing every 1-2 years depending on the condition of the product.

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