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Goodle White Frying Pan / Wok

Goodle White Frying Pan / Wok

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Suitable to use on : Induction cooker, Ceramic Cooker, Heating Plate, Gas stove.
Not suitable to use on : Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher

Goodle White uses 7th. Generation Ceramic Coating (PFOA free) that enhances the non-stick properties, making it more durable and easier to clean and cook.

โš ๏ธDue to characteristics of the pot (high thermal conductivity), hence recommend using low or medium heat when cooking.

โš ๏ธWhen using Gas stove, please keep at medium or low flame, as if flame to big may burn the sides of cookware and damage the wooden handle.

โš ๏ธAvoid using metal, including metal steel brushes containing abrasive minerals or brushes made of rough materials such as scouring pads (make sure using soft sponge).ย Kindly use wooden/silicone cooking utensils during cooking.

โš ๏ธClean the pan/pot immediately after cooking, especially cooking with sauces or colors as the wooden handle may get stain if left for a long time.

โš ๏ธThe non-stick coating of the pot possess service life and will shorten according to how it's used and frequency of usage. Normally would recommend to renew every 1-2 years according to the condition of the pot/pan.

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