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Arong Ramen pot & Frying pan

Arong Ramen pot & Frying pan

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Arong Cookware uses 7th-generation ceramic coating which enhances non-stick coating, easier to cook and clean, as well improves durability for a longer lifespan.

Arong Ramen pot & Frying pan suitable to use on Gas Stove、Induction Cooker、IH Cooker、Black Ceramic Cooker. But do not use in microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

1. Recommend to use medium/medium-low heat/flame during cooking, use high heat on your induction hob may damage the hob and the non-stick coating. Avoid preheating an empty pot, which will shorten the life of the pot.

2. Avoid soaking the handle and lid knob in water.
3. Recommend seasoning the pot before use as well as frequently to extend the lifespan of the non-stick coating.
4. Using safe utensils (wooden/heat resistant plastic and silicone shovel, chopsticks, spatulas, spoon, etc) will extend the life of your pot as well protects the coating.
5. Cooking hard ingredients ( bones, shellfish, crab, etc) may cause scratches or chip on the non-stick coating.
6. Cooking food with high salt content for a prolonged period may weaken the non-stick properties.

Kindly take note. 
The service life of the non-stick properties of the pot may weaken/shorten per usage. The lifespan of the non-stick coating may vary according to how it has been used and the frequency of usage. Recommend replacing every 1-2 years depending on the condition of the product.

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