The most popular verb of 2021! "Staycation" has the highest search rate|Don't want to spend so much money, but want to continue the staycation vibe?

The most popular verb of 2021! "Staycation" has the highest search rate|Don't want to spend so much money, but want to continue the staycation vibe?

Over the years, staycations have been growing in popularity among Singaporeans. With more unsure about traveling overseas due to pandemics, hotels, and villas here are mostly fully booked, and people has begun fancy of the trend of '' staycation '' 🏙🏝 🏜

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✔️ Friend's birthday? Let's go on STAYCATION
✔️ Pre-wedding party? Let's go on STAYCATION
✔️ Public holidays? Let's go on STAYCATION
✔️ Gathering? Let's go on STAYCATION

But staycation is actually quite expensive. We can’t go on vacation every weekend as we want, but it’s not bad to live in a well-decorated, well-designed, and well-designed place, right? Since you can't live in a beautiful hotel every day, it is important to decorate your home as you like so that you can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable day when you come home from getting off work.

Life is created by us, and the environment is also created by us!💞
So why not, we put some effort and decorate your living space as you like!


Do you want to stay in a "home" like this?

 How about this?


If you pay attention to the design of these spaces, its all-wood covering, white, and simple and plain design can bring out the warmth and comfort of home. In addition to the interior design, the cookware also maintains the same hue, mainly simple hue, there will be no too messy colors,  or color that is does not match, because we know that keeping it simple is the key to keeping the space clean and tidy.

Well, since you are here! Let us recommend some cooking utensils to help you create a beautiful kitchen!

Modori Goodle Collection & Sodam Cookware Set

Pure cream white vs. black, which color do you prefer?

If you choose cookware that complements the wooden kitchen design, the all-black goodle series is actually better. If your kitchen is lighter in color, the Sodam cookware set will be a better choice!

Of course, the functions of these two series of cookware are not exactly the same. It is best to choose according to your cooking needs! Here we have listed the differences between this two cookware so that you can better understand!

Goodle Collection

 Sodam Cookware Set

  1. Square Egg Pan
  2. 24cm Frying Pan + Lid
  3. 28cm Wok
  4. 18cm Saucepan + Lid
  1. 22cm Glass Pot Lid (can be purchased separately)
  2. 24cm Frying Pan
  3. 18cm Pot + Lid
  4. Multi-functional handle
  1. Prevent harmful substances
  2. Long-lasting coating
  3. Patented oil road method, Strengthen the non-stick effect
  4. Great heat retention
  5. Combining the advantages of traditional and modern design
  1. Prevent harmful substances
  2. Can be stacked and stored for efficient storage
  3. Excellent non-stick coating
  4. Detachable handle, can be serve directly on the table
  5. Suitable for multiple heat sources
Suitable heat sources
  1. Gas stove
  2. Induction cooker
  3. IH Cooker
  4. Black Ceramic Cooker
    1. Gas stove
    2. Induction cooker
    3. IH Cooker
    4. Black Ceramic Cooker
    5. Oven
        1. Enough kitchen space
        2. People who don’t need a set of pots
        3. Cook multiple deep-fried and grilled recipes
          1. Smaller kitchen, less storage space
          2. Need a useful non-stock cookware
          3. People who like to cook soup and often use the oven
          4. Like a set of cookware of the same color
            Price  Can only be bought individually, or you can also buy the whole set (approximately $254.00)  A set is $188.80


            Seeing the difference between these two types of cookware, have you ever thought about which cookware is more suitable for your cooking needs? Share your decision with us, we would love to see it!










            When it comes to cooking, the steps to prepare ingredients are crucial. What cutting board are you using? Wooden cutting boards are prone to knife marks, or plastic cutting boards are prone to bacteria?

            Many people may not notice that the cutting boards need to be replaced regularly, or one must be used separately to reduce the chance of cross-contamination, but if there are too many cutting boards in the kitchen, are you afraid that there is no place to put them? Then this cutting board set that comes in 4 different colors cutting board may meet your needs.

            Modori Cutting Board Set

            Modori Cutting Board Set ( All 4 colors cutting board + Holder Rack )

            Made of TPU material, it is a new type of environmentally friendly material that will also be used in medical equipment. It is a non-toxic material, does not contain harmful substances such as environmental hormones, TVOC, etc., and it is not easy to produce knife marks. Since it is the first tool to touch food, it can definitely be used with peace of mind. And the cutting board can be bent gently, making it more convenient to handle ingredients!

            Use different cutting boards: so you can use them individually, one for strictly cutting raw meat, poultry, and seafood; the other for ready-to-eat foods such as bread and vegetables, etc. Use cutting boards of different colors so that you can easily remember which ones are suitable for raw meat and which ones are suitable for ready-to-eat.

            Modori's cutting boards are all made in Korea. They are of guaranteed quality, beautiful, and practical. They are also the most popular products in the Korean cookware trend. If you are worried about what to buy for kitchen appliances, try Modori!





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