New additionโ€” practical design and minimalist colours that will suit any kitchen๐ŸคŽ

New additionโ€” practical design and minimalist colours that will suit any kitchen๐ŸคŽ


Prepare favourite meals from start to finish with the sodam collection๐ŸคŽ

If you've been following us, you'll know that the sodam cookware set started out as a 3-piece set. For more complete functionality, we've introduced two additional items that can be purchased additionally to complement the original set into a more complete 5-piece set.ย 

From stovetop to oven, table to refrigerator or dishwasher, this multi-cooker set is the smart choice for your cooking needs.

The space-saving stackable design makes it easy to store and compatible with all cooktops, while the patented removable handle also detaches and stacks neatly. The handle is a clamp that securely grips onto any of the 5 cooking pots and pans.

Practical design and minimalist colours that will suit any kitchen

Each has its own unique characteristics, and none of them can be missed.

18cm Cooking Pot & Lid

ย Suitable for cooking instant noodles, soups, etc. Easy meal prep size for 1-2 people, the lid can intensify the heat during cooking and you can also use it as a bowl.

22cm Cooking Pot

Suitable for making a hot pot, stew, etc.ย Perfect for cooking a large portion of food

24cm Frying Pan

With its deeper walls and wider cooking surface.ย Perfect for pasta, fried rice, and pancakes,ย can also be used as a frying pan for stir fry

New* 14cm Sodam Mini Pot

It is the best size for cooking small amounts of saucesย and is also perfect for making baby porridge.ย The design of the double diverter is very convenientย when pouring soups and sauces.

New* 27cm Sodam Grill Pan

It's perfect for grilling steaks or preparing breakfast and brunch.ย Its large surface can meet different meat needs.

Removable handle

The detachable multi-function handle can be matched with all pots and pans in the sodam collection, You can switch from one pan to another with a single click.It can be removed for storage to save space


The new mini pot and grill pan not only completes the sodam cookware set but also reduces the need for you to purchase additional cookware, making kitchen storage no longer an issue.


Do they have any other advantages besides stacking?

Key Features:

  • High performance and durable coating: Adopt Korea's advanced 5-layer X-TREMA coating technology (ceramic coating). It has a durable barrier that prevents 99% of detergent and food absorption.ย 
  • Versatile: Go from stove to oven, to table with just one click of the handle.
  • Space-saving: Stack the pans and pots inside each other for up to 50% space-saving, it provides the best storage solution for small kitchens.
  • Suitable for cooking with various stoves: Suitable to use with gas stove, induction cooker, ceramic cooker, heating plate and oven (not exceeding 300ยฐC)
  • Use safe andย non-toxic materials:ย Only safe and high-performance materials are used to provide high efficiency and high performance, we have passed all safety tests. It's certified to be free of toxic substances - ( lead-free, cadmium-free, PFOA, PFAS-free)


ย A good set of kitchen cookware can not only helps you cook the most dishes, but also relieve your storage problems, and use safe materials to make you cook healthy and at ease.

Modori sodam cookware set takes your cookware to the next level๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿณ


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