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Back to school ๐Ÿ“š Healthy kid lunchboxes ideas | Healthy, simple and quick lunch box recipes sharing

Get inspired - Add some fun to the school day with quirky lunchbox ideas that kids love!

These healthy lunches include cute sandwiches that every child loves, as well as fruits, vegetables, and protein!

But how do you choose a bento box that can store food safely?

Although plastic containers are very light, they are not easy to clean once they are stained with oil;

And the glass container is heavy and inconvenient to carry, especially for children!

We recommend to you โ–ถ Modori Silicone Container

5 major advantages:

โถThe weight is lighter than the glass container

โทSGS certification does not produce harmful substances

โธThe sealing effect is good, and it is not easy to hide dirt

โน Matte opaque design, prolong the food preservation period

โบ Six colors, two sizes are available


Quick Light Lunches

1) Mickey Bento๐Ÿฅช

Left: Cream Yellow - Size M
Right: Ivory - Size S

IG @moon_kidsdiary

2) ย Fried glass noodle and salad๐Ÿฅฌ

Top: Cool Gary - Size S
Right: Warm Pink - Size M

IGย @2little.notes

3) Korean Gimbapย &ย Greek salad ๐Ÿ™

Left: Cream yellow - Size M
Right: Warm Pink -ย  Size M

IG @growupwithbaby

4) Veggie & Hot Dog Burrito with Fried Mushroom, Red Bell Pepper

Left: Cream yellowย -ย  Size M
Right: Ivoryย -ย  Size M

IGย @clem_kuo


Big Portion Lunches

1) ย Chicken Chop, Lettuce and Chicken Wings๐Ÿ–

Left: Cream yellow - Size M
Right: Warm Pink -ย  Size M

IGย ๏ผ kestermama

2)ย Fried chicken and dumpling๐Ÿ™

Top: Warm pink - Size S
Bottom: (Left) Cool Gray - Size M (Right) Ivory - Size M

IG @ronnienie

3) Thai basil chili pork๐Ÿฑ

Top: Cream yellow - Size S
Bottom: Cocoa - Size M

IG @chienwu_

4) Spaghetti With Clams and Chicken Potato Salad

Top: Warm Pink - Size S
Bottom: (left) Cream-Yellow- Size M (right) Cream-Yellow- Size S

IG ๏ผ emily811925

6) Miso grilled salmon onigiri
Cocoa and Ivory - Size M

IGย @sisi910222


Eco-friendly Modori Silicone Container cut down on single-use plastic!
An easy way to save money and eat more healthily๐Ÿš



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