A Guide to Cutting Boards and Which One to Choose - Buy the cutting board that’s right for you!

A Guide to Cutting Boards and Which One to Choose - Buy the cutting board that’s right for you!

Not only do you have to worry about the source of the food that you eat every day, but also the choice of kitchenware is also very important!

The chopping board is one of the tools that are could be easily overlooked. There are many types of cutting boards on the market. A good cutting board can increase the fun and efficiency of cooking, but how to choose a good cutting board? How to maintain the cutting board to extend its service life?

It is recommended to check the advantages and disadvantages from the "material" of the cutting board and choose the one that suits your needs!

So ,Which kind of cutting board is the safest?

Most people concern about:

1.Anti mold materials
2.Not easy to slide during use
3.Not hurting knife
4.Not easy to deform
5.The size of cutting board

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of all the different cutting boards~

1) Wooden Cutting Board

Wood boards do have antibacterial properties, but they may absorb bacteria that can live for a few hours below the wood's surface, even after washing.

With the wooden materials, once the surface becomes scored or cut, it's a great bacteria magnet! If there is residual moisture between pores, it is easy to breed bacteria, mold, and odor after a long time.

-Natural material
-Durable and long lasting
-Good drainage and air permeability, not easy to leave smell of it
-Heavy weight, not easy to slide during use

Wooden cutting boards naturally have divots and grooves on their surfaces, moisture can penetrate and become trapped in these grooves. 
The food residue and sometimes mold and bacteria from whatever you were cutting, then clings to this moisture and starts to grow mold and bacteria of its own.

2) Plastic Cutting Board

Plastic cutting boards are easy to clean and do not require a lot of hard work maintenance. Although they are prone to knife marks, but you can always change and replace them because they are “generally inexpensive.

But because plastic cutting boards are not heat resistant, try not to cut hot food with it.

-Generally inexpensive
-Light weight, easy to clean and store

Cutting on them also leaves lots of grooves where bacteria can hide.Also comparing with other, they are more easy to slide and deform after a while.


How to maintain your cutting board | 

XX Horrible Things You're Doing To Your Cutting Boards XX

1. You're not using a separate board for meat.
2. You're not drying your board thoroughly.
3. You don't use a separate board for someone with food allergies.
4.You didn't sanitize your cutting board

OO Use your chopping boards wisely OO

If you want to extend the service of the cutting board and perform healthy and safe cooking, don't neglect the daily maintenance!

1. Separate use of raw and cooked food:
It's no secret that raw meat, poultry, and fish can harbor bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella, which can make you sick. But when you use just one cutting board for both meat and veggies, the juice from the former is more likely to contaminate the latter. So keep in mind. Always use a different cutting boards for different ingredients.

2. Hang and place it after drying:
Always always dry your cutting board before keeping them back to your rack or counter.
A damp board and minimal air circulation sets the stage for yucky bacteria growth. Instead of placing your freshly washed cutting board right back on the counter, you're better off letting it hang out on a dish rack for a little while. (or you can dry it with a dry cloth and hang it in a ventilated place)

3. Regular replacement according to the situation:
Scratched cutting boards are easy to hide dirt and bacteria.
A cutting board that is not replaced when it should be can result in sickness or injury, so cutting-board replacement is a kitchen chore that you should not forget.

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Made ​​of TPU materials with high-quality flexibility and recovery power.

It does not leave knife marks and scars easily and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

●Increased surface friction - Prevent overflow

●Use separate cutting boards for fresh and raw ingredients

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