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Things you must know about non-stick pan|Modori non-stick pan from Korea

Every house needs an easy-to-use pan. So we always have a goal, that is to find the "perfect cookware" to help us reduce the struggle of cooking!

💡 So imaging, this is the ''ideal cooking pan'' for everyone.🤔

It must be easy to use, no chemical coating, not easy to stick when cooking, easy to clean and easy to maintain, all kinds of food can be cooked easily, preferably light and most importantly, the price can't be too high?

In order to meet the requirements that everyone wants, in addition to the cooking pan/pots itself is very important, maintenance is also a very important part!

The durability of cooking utensils is closely related to maintenance. Ordinary pans/pots can also be used for a long time if they are well maintained!

The non-stick coating of bakeware, cookware and other appliances is different, and the duration of the non-stick coating mainly depends on you.

With a little care, you will be able to enjoy your non-stick pan for a longer time. Non-stick cookware is usually coated with ceramic or a material called polytetrafluoroethylene to form a smooth surface to help the food slide out of the pan. This can make cooking and cleaning easier, but non-stick pans require special care to prevent scratches, peeling, or warping on the surface.

Before cleaning or using your pan, you should always read the manufacturer's instructions (they will have specific care instructions, which may vary from brand to brand), but we have put together some general tips to keep your pan not sticking at its best.

Care for Nonstick Pans

1. Wash and season nonstick pans before using.

Before using a brand new non-stick pan, be sure to clean it to remove any residue on the packaging. Use a neutral detergent and lukewarm water to clean, avoid using alkaline detergents such as baking soda, and then wipe dry thoroughly. After that, season the pot before cooking with it.

Similar to the process for cast-iron skillets, seasoning nonstick cookware evens out any imperfections or pores in the coating, and it'll help your pan last longer. Make sure you wipe off the moisture after cleaning, then preheat the frying pan over medium heat; apply cooking oil and lightly rub cooking oil over the surface of a frying pan with kitchen paper towels, then heat the pan on the stove over low-medium heat for 2 or 3 minutes. After cooling, wipe off excess oil with a paper towel before storing.

2. Use the correct cooking utensils.

Always remember not to use a knife to cut food in a non-stick pan, and be careful not to pierce or scratch the non-stick surface with a pointed tip. Be sure to use wooden, heat-resistant silicone cooking utensils when cooking.

Avoid using anything metal, including metal steel brushes containing abrasive minerals or brushes made of rough materials such as scouring pads. So, make sure you use a soft sponge while cleaning!

 3. Do not overheat the non-stick pan.

Stick to medium and low heat when cooking to extend the life of the non-stick coating, because high temperature will damage the coating. Most coatings cannot take high heat, not even at the start of cooking. 

Also, In order to protect your non-stick pan, please do not heat it when it is empty! And you should avoid drastic or sudden changes in temperature, which will weaken the non-stick material. This includes running a hot pot under cold water to cool it down.

4. Store non-stick pans properly

When nesting nonstick frying pans, place a napkin or kitchen towels between them to avoid scratching the coating on the bottom of one pan. 

 How do we choose the right non-stick cookware?

In order to meet everyone's needs, we spent a long time studying everyone's actual needs and habits!

We can finally proudly say that this is the ideal collection!
It is easy to use, has an incredible non-stick coating, is not easy to stick when cooking, and requires minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Modori Goodle Collection

✔️ Prevent harmful substances Use safe and non-toxic materials

✔️ Passed millions of tests Long-lasting coating

✔️ Patented oil road method Strengthen non-stick effect

✔️ Great heat retention Same heat retention effect as cast iron

✔️ Suitable for cooking with various stoves 

Gas Stove, Induction Cooker, Ceramic Cooker, Heating Plate


Modori Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality - Modori goodle collection - black cookware non stick - modori goodle collection

We loved the look, feel, and weight of the Modori Goodle Collection - it has an average weight, which means it is heavy enough to feel durable, but light enough to hold it while cooking.

It appears to have a longer-lasting non-stick coating because it uses a special Inoble coating, which is a patented oil road method, Made of fine coating particles to enhance non-stick effect and makes it easier to clean after use.

Modori Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality - Modori goodle collection - black cookware non stick - modori goodle collection

Compared with ordinary frying pans, which are larger in size and take up more space, Modori provides you with a lighter but larger capacity option.

Modori Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality - Modori goodle collection - black cookware non stick - modori goodle collection

Most of the frying pans on the market are connected by rivets on the handles, which are easy to clamp the food or sauce during the cooking process and are not easy to clean.  The Modori handle has no rivets, which is more hygienic and easy to clean!

Modori Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality - Modori goodle collection - black cookware non stick - modori goodle collection

Goodle Collection has high thermal conductivity, so we recommend using low or medium heat when cooking. 

Modori Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality - Modori goodle collection - black cookware non stick - modori goodle collection

Ideal for long-term durability and performance

Combines elegant design, contemporary colors, and modern silhouettes, also look beautiful on your countertop.

Modori Goodle Collection

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